Oct 8, 2008


There are different varieties of jewellery :
22 ct's jewellery
18 ct's jewellery
14 ct's jewellery
silver jewellery
platinum jewellery
Polki jewellery
Kundan jewellery
Diamond jewellery
Pearl jewellery
Stone studded jewellery and different other kinds of jewellery.



Today I'm going to share with you about gold jewellery. In our country we give importance to gold jewellery than any other countries in the world. If it comes to marriage or any other occasion we prefer to wear gold jewellery. Today the price of gold jewellery has gone beyond middle class people's budget and in the future one does not know what would happen, may be our grandchildren would have to go to the museum to see how gold jewellery looked.
Today ladies prefer to wear artificial jewellery, silver jewellery and gold plated jewellery. But my personal choice would be gold, and specially I have a craze for antiques. While normal gold jewellery gives a bright new look, antiques have a matte finished look with more intricate work and stones which gives you a look of princess. Today white gold has become a fashion and platinum is also become today's trend, but somehow I dislike both of them and I prefer yellow gold. For me white gold looks like any other silver jewellery and nothing special in it except for the high price.
At the time of my marriage my mother always insisted on buying jewellery with less workman ship and without stones, she was correct as there is no resale value for stones in the jewellery except for diamonds. If you want to make investment in gold, then the best thing is to buy gold coins from a reputed shop. ICICI and some other banks also sell 24 Ct's gold coin with a proof certificate. If it is not an investment then one can buy jewellery with stones and intricate designs. Before buying gold jewellery remember to check if it is hallmarked 916 KDM or not. The gold ornament below is called arm vangi and this one I inherited from my grand mother.

Diamond jewellery also look very graceful and I love diamond pendants and necklaces. They give you a royal look when you wear a diamond jewellery. I like uncut diamond jewellery which is also called polka diamonds. These diamonds unlike other normal diamonds does not shine and has an elegant dull look. Below I have uploaded some diamond necklaces pictures which I really adore. Divya Bhassin is a new exclusive designer jewellery shop opened in New Delhi, check out the link for this jewellery shop in susan-Tipsforall.blogspot.com.

I have listed some of the popular jewellery shops from major cities of our country in my favourite sites, don't forget to take a look on the jewellery shops from all over India listed below.
Bye for now and meet you all with some other interesting topic and list of shops very soon.

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