Oct 1, 2008


The best way to enter one's heart is through his stomach.Yes this saying is very true .When I got married can you believe I can't make a single cup of tea.My mother-in-law cooks and I used to stand beside her starring at her and moving the vessels here and there just to show off that I'am also doing something.Then after a month or so my mother in law has to leave for her home town for some urgent work.That was the time I decided to try my hand in cooking by making my husband and my father in law as victims for my research.The following day I got up early from bed and tried! to make coffee .Everything went off well I made the ticaction in the filter,boiled milk,mixed both and with a great smile gave it to my father in law and looked at his face eagerly to get some compliments.Yeah there he said a very nice coffee and added very nice of you,You are very concerned of my health now itself and that is why you have not added sugar in coffee isn't it? he asked with a smile in his face.At that time one should have looked at me! did not know what expressions to give and for another ten days I made different dishes sometime without salt sometime without spices.But the great thing is I made my husband lose 2 Kgs in ten days isn't that great.Never mind one cannot learn anything without making errors.I also made lots and loads of errors and atlast learnt cooking.Now Iam an expert in cooking,cooks better than my mom and mom in law and am really proud of it.

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