Oct 11, 2008


Indian handicrafts are much admired all over the globe. I really adore hand crafted decorative things and whenever I go for shopping, and if I hit upon a shop for Handicrafts I definitely go through the shop and spend lot of time by looking at the beauty and workmanship of the handicrafts and if something attracts me I would not hesitate to buy the product even it is slightly out of my budget. I live in Noida and this place is near Delhi and Delhi is renowned for terracotta items. One can find beautiful tabla in terracotta to small frog and turtle and lampshades and anything you want. I have collected a number of show pieces for my homeJaipur is famous for beautiful hand crafted furniture, hand woven wall hangings and block printed bedspreads and bandhej salwar suits. Jaipur is also renowned for silver and gem stone jewellery. The furniture’s in Jaipur are really adorable and one can’t resist from buying one for them. Furniture’s diwans dining table sets, cots, centre table, peg table all with very intricate hand carved work.In my house I have used terracotta tabla’s as peg table and a large tabla as the centre table. I also have a lord ganesha teracotta statue as lamp in our bedroom. The antique things have their own charm and I have a brass miniature antique veena or can be called as sitar which is very adorable.If you have a plan to vacation India and specially Delhi ,Dilli Haat is a must visit place. This place has shops of handicrafts, textiles and tribal products from all the states of India and they change the shops every 15 days. One can also relish different kinds of food from various states of India. I collect lot of handicraft products from Dilli haat. In short it is a one stop shop for all popular stuff from all over India. Check out the online handicraft shops in my favourite sites.

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