Dec 28, 2008


Above you can see the snow covered peaks of Himalayas and below you can see the city of Dehradoon from Mussorie.

The picture above and below are the kempty water falls.

The above picture was taken when we are about to reach mussorie. This is how mussorie looked at night. Below are the pictures of sunset taken from our cottage.

Some beautiful flowers we pictured from the place where we stayed.

Above are the pictures of some shops in the mall road of mussorie

Below is the picture of mustard plant field on our way to mussorie and above is the Avalon resorts where we stayed and the top most cottage in the picture is where we stayed.
Hi, just 2 days back we returned back home after enjoying our winter holidays at Mussorie. It was truly an unforgettable experience. We stay at Noida and Mussorie is at a distance of about 270 Kms. We started from our home early in the morning around 9 am ( For us 9am is early in the morning lolz :)) ) in our good old Wagon R , my husband was driving and me and my son were enjoying the travel by having chips, soft drinks and as usual some great fights and arguments, lol. Should have seen my son…. occupied the whole back seat with pillows and soft blankets on either side with his laptop and psp by the side and listening to songs from the laptop with his head phones on, in short he was sitting like a maharaja in the backseat . The roads were terrible and these kind of roads am seeing for the first time in my life and can you imagine it took us 10 whole hours to reach our destination!!! YES we made 270 Kms in 10 hrs hmmmn that must be a world record I guess. But once we reached the foot hills the roads became ok and the beautiful scenes of the forests are still fresh in my eyes. Mussorie is about 6000 ft above sea level and really a perfect holiday destination. We reached Mussorie after a long tiring journey of 10 hours and finally reached our hotel…. The Avalon Resorts, where we had already booked our room 2 weeks back. And lolz they had given us a cottage which was at the highest location among all the other cottages thinking that we'll enjoy the beautiful view from our cottage. Yes, it is absolutely true the view outside our cottage was the best and there was a huge window besides our bed and whenever we looked at the window it was like a beautiful digital photo frame changing its picture every 1 hour. Especially the sunset and the sunrise were very beautiful. There are hardly any words to describe its beauty. From our cottage we could also see the snowy peaks of Himalayas in the right hand side and at the same time on the left hand side of our cottage we could see the beautiful twinkling lights of the city of Dehradoon. We felt like that we were in heaven WOW!!! While am writing this post I feel like I am still there in Mussorie. Unlike other hill stations I visited in India, Mussorie has a very active night life. The mall road in Mussorie has some very good shops for buying woollens and handicrafts. We visited Kempty falls, a waterfall about 15 kms from Mussorie, which was very beautiful and we saw people taking bath in that waterfall don't know how they coped with cold icy water!!! The weather though was not very cold. Sometimes in the afternoon I had to take my sweaters off as it was fairly warm. The best part of the whole trip was climbing up to our cottage and then climbing down lolz that was the tiring part of the whole journey. We had to climb about 60 steep steps and from there have to walk about 200 feet that too very steep path to reach our cottage. But it was worth the hard work and it was also a great exercise. Cause if we had got a cottage at the bottom of the resort we could not have enjoyed the beautiful sceneries that we enjoyed from our cottage. At last the day came we had to leave Mussorie and all the three of us did not want to leave that beautiful place filled with fresh air, green forests and a very peaceful slow, steady life unlike cities.... hmmmn but that is not possible practically and with a heavy heart we bid adieu to Mussorie and came back home sweet home. Above are some beautiful photographs we took in Mussorie and hope you enjoyed the post and plz leave your observations and thoughts in the form of comments. I would love to hear from you and if you want any information feel free to contact me through email. Last but not the least the above pictures were taken by my son, Arjun and are copyrighted :) Bye bye.


  1. Hi, you've got a marvelous blog here. Fascinating India indeed. And your son has got a wonderful eye for photography, too. Simply wonderful.

  2. Hi Jan, Thanx for the wonderful comment!!! yea India is a fascinating country and if you visit India, you can experience many wonderful tourist spots :)

  3. Hi beautiful photos thanks for sharing, happy new year.

  4. Beautiful photos, covering almost all aspect of life in Mussorie. Many places of India are worth to visit.


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  6. Hi Healthy Solutions, Thanx for the wonderful comment!!! friends like you are great inspiration to me and make me give more quality posts a very happy and prosperous new year to you cheers:)

  7. Hi Birdy, my son took more than 100 pictures and it was a difficult task for me to select pictures out of that for this post and thanx for your lovely comment!!! and I like Pakistan hope I visit sometime....a happy and prosperous new year to you and your family cheers :)

  8. Hey,
    Happy New Year, so had a blast for this new year,
    How was it, Mine went very nice but later days become very tough n busy no time to blog.

    Awesome picx... u should hav posted some family picx also.
    May be ur son's Maharaja pose u should hav posted it.
    The sunrise picx r really awesome.
    put some more picture...


  9. It's very beautiful...

  10. @Kven, Happy new year to you too, thanx for the wonderful comment!!!
    @Dorion55, Thanx Dorion for dropping in and do visit again :)

  11. Hi Suhda, You gave a great blog here. Thanks to you, I can learn more about your country and your culture. I have friends there and I wish I'd be able to attend one friend's wedding on February.

    Keep it up! Nandri!

  12. Hi Nandri, thanx for dropping in India is a very beautiful country with a rich culture and tradition. I am trying my best to showcase some of the culture and traditions of India. Guests like you r great inspiration to me. Do visit again :)