Dec 15, 2008


The sari above is from Cbazaar's Rair collection and below is a bangle studded with blue stones which also would be a nice gift for someone you love.

I love this red and greeen combination sari, very usual combination but never goes out of fashion and this combination is my all time favourite. Above is a pendent from Sri jagdamba pearls it is a diamond studded pendent looks so cute isn't it ? so my friends out there these two are my favourites hope some one gifts me one of these :p I won't mind if some one gifts me both also :p

Below are some beautiful salwars and lehangas which you can gift to your friends or even gift youselves :) yes sometimes we can gift ourselves also we deserve it lol :)) the salwars are cotton salwars my favourite because for Indian weather cotton is the best and it also gives a very elegant look.

Below are some cute frocks you can gift to your friends kids or even to your own daughters.

This is another showpiece from kasumbo made of mud.

This would be a very unique gift . This is made of mud and it is a wall clock decorated with mirrors. This is available in kasumbo and you can you have to order 5 pieces minimum for shipping but still worth buying and not also very expensive.

These are brass gift articles and I loved the hanging diya but did not buy as it is out of my budget but bought some of the idols for my friends.

These are Jaipuri applique work bedspreads and you can also see a few mirror work bedspreads as well, I bought the applique work bedspreads for my cousins.

Some really colourful flowers for my friends.

I bought some of these Jaipuri hangings for my cousins very colourful gift for a colourful new year . Perfect gift isn't it ?

I love these cute looking coin purses not too expensive but I am pretty sure everyone will love this gift.

Yes the holidays are about to begin and the festival mood has already filled all our hearts . Isn't it true ? I don't know about others but in my case yes it is true. I already started to search in the net for some unique gifts for my cousins and friends. but really very confused of what to buy. I remember during my childhood time my mother used to collect gifts for friends and relatives for new year before a month itself. At that time there were no Internet connections or online shops to buy gifts so she used to go for shopping every evening to buy gifts and of course I also go with her. That is truly a very nice experience which I think nowadays most of the children are missing. Apart from buying gifts from shop my mother used to make lot of beautiful gift boxes and decorative at home itself. But Iam not that talented and creative like my mother. If you want to try something new you can visit the site here guess you will get some ideas. I personally like to gift my friends and relatives some nice suits, saris and also cute pendents. I buy these things and I really like to gift wrap them in an unique way. Don't ask me the unique ways lol because Iam still thinking of that lol :)) if you people have some new ideas please let me know in the form of comments :p . Not bad at all that is a great idea to get some free tips and ideas for gift wrapping hmmn just kidding :p . Above are some of the gifts I would like to give to my friends for this new year.
p.s This is also a hint to my friends and relatives what I like and what I wanted as gift from them :p cool idea isn't it ?? :) The majority of the above items are available in Cbazaar, Kusambo, Jagdamba pearls, and purses

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