Feb 14, 2009

Best Mom Awards !!!

On valentine's day I'm really surprised when my friend Gee of Happy Memories gave me the best mom award !!! whatelse can make a mom happy ? I was speechless when Gee told me that she is giving the best mom award for me.. Thank you so much Gee for considering me for this award.

Another surprise came when Chethan of Chethstudios told me that he is giving me the best mom award from his blog!!! I have to tell about cheth here. He is my first friend I got here in the blogosphere when I started blogging. Now I know him for almost 3-4 months. He had helped me in many ways right from getting me a new template for my blog, installing tag cloud, and he only gave me the book marking icons that you see at the end of each post. Not only that I cannot mention all the help he did for me here because there is a very very long list. He is a very talented young 21 year old guy who designs icons, wallpapers, gadgets almost everything and he is also good at animation !!! the best mom award he gave me is an animated badge designed by him. I asked him 'how do you know I'm a good mom?' he replied ' you give lot of advises eventhough we dont want to hear and only good moms can do that' LOL :))

Here are the cute rules for these cute awards:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

My best experience of being a mom is when I carried my son on my womb for 9 months. At that time I had hypertension so I had to go for a C section because suddenly the movement of the baby inside my womb stopped. I was given a full anaesthesia during the C section and as soon as my concious returned my mom showed me my baby. I asked my mom is everything alright with the baby and she said yes and I hugged and kissed my son for the first time that was the best experience I had and I cannot forget that moment in my whole life and all mothers cannot forget the moment when they first saw their baby!!!
I'm giving this award to the moms whom I know in the blogosphere :
And I also love to pass the award I received from Chethan to Gee :)
Thank you so much for accepting these awards, MOMS!
Please copy the code for the animated flash best mom award by clicking the link below the award :)


  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for doing this award! Good Day...

  2. Hello Sudha, thank you so much for the awards... you have nominated me for the triple award and the Best Mom award.. I had to check if you meant me... :)

    Thanks again.. Did u know I live in Gurgaon currently?

  3. Hello, I posted a comment with my thanks.. I have a feeling you did not receive it... Thanks again..

  4. wow! i really cant believed this. thank you so much and this is my first time award. more power to you and more blessings! regards to your family and to you baby... ill share this award. thanks once again..

  5. Wow.... Congrats Sudha :D

  6. Hi Gee,You r most welcome :)
    Hi Swapna, I have tagged u for both the awards..I don't know any other Swapna other than you lol :))
    Hi Marites Salce, you definitely deserve both the awards :)
    Hi Rags, thank you soooo much..copying you lol:)) you say like that only na :p

  7. Congratelate!

    You boy is soooooooooooo lovely!

    Of course you are the best mom!

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  9. Thank you so much iwalk!!! :)

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