Feb 7, 2009

My Best Clicks So Far !!!

Hi all I took lot of pictures in the past few months but I could not post all of them in my posts so I thought of showing some of the best pictures I took (most of them are shot by my son Arjun) so far( I know there are professionals and other people who take beautiful pictures than the pictures below but for me not being a pro in taking pictures these are the best ; atleast for me :))


  1. Hi my friend. You've got beautiful shots :-)keep it up :-)

  2. Beautiful photos,which camera do you use?
    Have a great sunday and a wonderful week my friend.By the way,I am so sorry.I just was jumping over to my e-mails,and now I see,you already have a new button- also very cute.
    At this time,I do have school stress :(

  3. Thank you so much for the compliment Tammy !!!
    Hi Cuteboo,I use sony cyber shot; don't be sorry sabine u took time to show me a button!!!that was so nice of you..you too have a gr8 sunday and an amazing week Sabine u r so kawaai sabine :)

  4. Gorgeous shots...can't wait to see more!


  5. Your photos are great, Sudha!

    I am a photograthy lover too, But I am not good at it. So I always take many CF cards with me in case I lost some great chance. Yeah, I have to cancel many photos when I pack up them on my computer.

  6. Great Pictures...Love it!!!

  7. Hi Raven,Thank you so much for the compliment!!!
    Hi iwalk,Glad you liked it you have some amazing pictures on your blog too..so colourful and attractive:)
    Hi Gee, thank you so much for the compliments:)

  8. Hey Susan...
    nice collection picx... but i guess u should this....
    This guy has some awesome picture's all his trecking picx..
    more over u'll come to know wat r there in n around chennai where u can hav funn...
    This is his blog.


  9. pretty cool! keep up the great job :)

  10. Hi!Ky,Thank you for taking time to drop in..
    Hi Cheth, Thank you so much for those wonderful motivating words!