Feb 1, 2009

Satisfaction, Happiness And Friends I Got Through Blogging

I wanted to share with all my blogger friends a little about my personal life. Don't know where to start. I got married at the age of 17. My son was born when I was 19. As soon as I finished my 12Th grade I got married. But no regrets I have got a wonderful husband more than that a good friend, philosopher and guide. He is my great support and encourages me on anything I do.

After my son was born I was so busy looking after him. I did not have much time to spend for myself. But now he is 14 years old and so I have lot of time for myself. Thanks to my husband he only motivated me to start blogging. Basically I don't socialize much ; that is my inborn nature. But I have lot of cousins with whom I'm very close. But blogging has changed my nature. I have become addicted to blogging and I'm really amazed to meet new people through blogging. That too from different countries.

I have got many friends through blogging like Chethan, venkatesh, Rags, Karthik, Aisha, Gee, Duni, Singapore Fountain pen, cuteboo, Carmencaruana from Stumble upon and many more friends. Hope will meet many more friends in the future. They all have become like members of my family because everyday I visit them and communicate with them. Even though I have not seen any of them I never feel like that; I always have a feeling they are known to me for years.

The funny thing is most of the members in my family does not know about blogging. I guess among my cousins I'm the one who does blogging and I love it. I get a kind of satisfaction and happiness when someone comments on my post and nothing can replace that satisfaction and happiness. For me this satisfaction is more important than money. Hope all my blog friends also feel the same way and I love to blog the rest of my life.


  1. Yea,that's my weakness too-I don't socialize much,but thank God,ever since I started blogging I am slowly overcoming that draw back of mine :)

  2. Oh Karthik then I'm not alone in the "don't socialize" group you have joined my group lol :))

  3. Thts very nice of u :D. Blogging is such an amazing thing... Keep Blogging & i'm glad v r frnds :)