Oct 29, 2008


The picture above is a clay pot filled with water and decorated with flowers and lighted with candles it is said that mud, water, air, fire and land are the five important things and you can see those five things in this clay pot clay made of mud, there is water inside, air is everywhere and it is litted wit candles so fire is there and it is on land so all five things bring prosperity to the home.

The picture above is called rangoli means colourful drawing, it is made by me with grounded coarse lime stone powder and then filled with colour powder and flowers and then lighted diyas in the corners. It is made by hand.

A closer view of rangoli

Below is godess Ganesh and Lakshmi . They are worshipped on the day of Diwali
Below are some of the pictures of beautiful hand made and painted diyas

Hi, I want to share with you some of the happiest moments of Diwali celebrated at my home with my family. We got up early in the morning and had oil bath, then I started preparing breakfast a traditional south Indian menu with idli, vada, kesari, sambar and chutney. We also had purchased some different kind of sweets from a popular shop in Delhi and Noida called Haldiram's. After that my husband and son started watching special programmes for Diwali in the television. Now with the help of my maid I started making rangolis and some decorations in the house. We stay far away from our relatives, so there is no way meeting them and I socialize very little and I have a very limited friend circle. That is my nature and I tried my best to change me but all in vain. We stay in the northern part of India and our parents and all our relatives stay in south India, am very close to my bro and my cousins but cannot meet them on special occassions like Diwali :( and anyway started somewhere but going in another direction, coming to the point and after the decorations had lunch and in the evening we started lighting diyas and visited few friends, exchanged gifts and sweets. My son bursted some crackers ( nowadays we have stopped buying crackers and for tradition we buy a few like sparkle sticks, phool jari ) and then we did a small pooja and that's it all over. I have attached some photographs of rangoli, diyas, and the beautiful lights from our neighbourhood.
* The rangolis are made by me and also the flower arrangements :)


  1. great photos. Happy dipawali.

  2. Thanx! I really appreciate your comment, people like you help me keep going!

  3. wow seems u really rocked ur diwali... cool picx.. it looks like u r really good photographer also...
    i noticed somethin strange u said u stay in small circle of frnds n yet u r a Piscean. hey out of all sunshine piscean r 1 who make friends easily n they r the 1 with big friends group...
    check this out i can say u a real story if u dont mind how piscean can really go with anybody.

  4. Thanks for the comments Venkatesh. My date of birth is 20 of march so I think am in between pisces and aries I guess, but for sure I have a very limited friends not only now but since my school days!

  5. then it might ur nature of ur character staying ia small circle.
    i cant be like this. my circle is very big, but as of now people r jus running away for their destiny bcos everyone got their posting n going for their job. now i feel like my circle is shrinking feel all alone.

  6. Hi Susan,
    The photos are very excellent.
    why dont u start a business over there ?
    I think you are very creative in nature !!!!

  7. Hi suresh,
    thanx for the comments and suggestion,people like you are great inspiration for me,keep on visiting my blog and keep posting comments,your comments are valuable for me.

  8. nice pictures :)