Oct 28, 2008


Hi all Happy Diwali to everyone, and at last Diwali is over:( Diwali is also known as festival of lights, colours very true if you go to the markets one can see the festive mood and we will also definitely get into that mood by seeing the colourful lights, flowers, idols of goddess, different rangoli colours, sweets and many more. Every evening I used to visit the markets near my colony and spend hours there just roaming here and there looking at all the colourful stuffs and also buying gifts to friends. My mind gets very relaxed and I totally enter a new world filled only with happiness whenever I visit the market prior to Diwali. I spend hours there and do not know how time quickly runs and I return home only around 10 pm with half hearted. This time as I have started a blog I took some nice pictures of the colourful happenings in my place. Hope you will enjoy the pictures.


  1. cool pics..
    u should hav bought these things n should hav decorated ur house...
    then u'll sit at home watchin all these colorful things which u saw in market thinkin that this can even add colors to my house instead of market also.
    Bcos these things r sold to make ur house look colorful.
    wat u say...

  2. sudhersana29.10.08

    I actually have bought few things and I have quite a few collection of these items in my house which I collected while visiting markets in and around Delhi. If you look at the posting on handicrafts in my blog, all the pictures are from my collection of handicrafts. I love teracottas and antiques.

  3. Teracottas even i like more than me my mom loves it very much but only thing is she cant find collections.
    But i like more of glass work. plain transparent crystal clear glass like me lolz....