Oct 17, 2008


Hi all today am going to write about silver jewellery and gold plated jewellery available in India and also some online shops to buy them. Today the price of gold has gone beyond our mind's eye and so most of the ladies opt to buy artificial jewellery. These jewelleries are available in wide range of designs to choose from and the price is very affordable. The price ranges from 1000- 10,000 INR and to the maximum one can say up to 15,000 INR. One cannot under estimate this gold plated and sterling silver jewellery as one cannot easily find out that it is artificial; they look so real like gold jewellery. The antique collection in this kind of jewellery has a unique place and the looks are so appealing. This gold plated jewellery is also studded with precious and semi precious stones and even with diamonds and polkas.
Today in cities like Chennai ladies are making artificial jewellery at home and they are making good profit out of it. Classes are also conducted to learn about artificial as well gold plated jewellery making. One can afford to buy this kind of jewellery in different patterns and colours to match their outfit. Jute and terracotta jewellery are also becoming popular among teenagers and youths as they are very trendy and the cost is also less. We should encourage jute and terracotta jewellery as they are eco friendly. Silver sterling jewellery has not become that popular among middle class ladies especially in the southern part of India.
I am very fond of terracotta and gold plated kundan jewellery, and I have a wide range of collection of them. Don’t forget to check out the list of online shops listed below.

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