Oct 20, 2008


Jaipur also known as the "Pink City" is a beautiful place with lots of colourful handicrafts and pearls and gems and renowned for its artifacts and paintings is a place which I think that every one should visit once in a life time.
The palaces in Jaipur are built with beautiful inlays of marble and with lot of intricate designs. Jaipur is famous for wooden furniture's, colourful puppets, Lac bangles, chapels known as jutis, hand block printed textiles , bandhini sarees and skirts and salwars and for pearls and gems. The furniture in Jaipur are made with good quality wood and with lot of detailed intricate designs. Diwans are very popular in Jaipur and you get cushions, sheets, and spreads for diwans in a set with beautiful hand block prints.
Jaipur is also famous for marble furniture and show pieces and they look very adorable and the marble showpiece items would be the perfect gift for your loved ones. The Bandhini sarees and skirts and salwars are very unique and they come in beautiful vibrant colours which every one will definitely adore.The wall hangings are really very colourful and they come in hand embroidery, mirror work and also with beautiful hand paintings and they are available in different shapes and colours which will definitely gives your wall a new look.
The colourful skirts in Jaipur is really adorable and available in cottons, silk and satin with mirror work and embroidery work. Jaipur is also famous for jewellery and thewart jewellery is unique and traditional and the intricate work in this jewellery features scenes from mughal court and divine scenes like Ram Lila and mythological scenes. For more information about the city visit JAIPUR .
Hope I have given a brief picture of Jaipur and shopping in Jaipur and remember to check some handicrafts shop in my favourite list of sites. Next week is Diwali "The festival Of Lights" and I will be back with lots and loads of information about Diwali and also with nice photos, until then bye bye.

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