Nov 23, 2008


Aloo tikki

Bhel puri

Lamp shades made from bottle gaurd !

Bangle, pendant and sterling silver jewellery shops

Kashmire dress

Kaantha work dress materials !

Beautiful salwars, kurtis, stoles from various stalls of Dilli Haat !

Earrings and gift articles made of sea shells

Beaded belts, necklace and earrings

Door mats, so cute my son loves it !

Beautiful colourful purses !

Sandal wood idols and gift articles

Beautiful patch worked bedspreads, pillow covers and cushion covers in a stall !

Jaipuri puppets displayed in a stall very colourful !

Paper mesh dolls

Antique finish brass items displayed at a stall

Teracotta items displayed at a stall

Above and the first picture in this post are the painting of lord Venkatachalapathy and Bagavathy amman, these are called Tanjore Painting and they are decorated with real stones and gold plated !
Have you ever visited Dilli Haat if no then if you ever come to Delhi do not miss this place I swear all of you will love it. I live in Noida and if I get a chance to go out somewhere my choice would definitely be Dilli Haat. I never get bored of this place wonder how come ? I will tell you why. Dilli Haat is run by the government of tourism of the state Haryana and they have about 50-100 stalls over there and people from all the states of India display their crafts and textiles in these stalls. So if you go there you can see lot of handicrafts, textiles and lot more from the different states of India and they keep on changing the stalls every 15 days and so whenever you visit this place one can be pretty sure to see something new and unique. I take almost 2-3 hours to take look at all the stalls and if I find anything unique I would definitely buy that. But my husband is the one who gets very bored so he takes with him a book to read and sits somewhere and starts reading books. They also have stalls for food from different states of India so each time we go we try something new and my son's favourite is momos and I like the stall from Maharashtra and am crazy about vada pao, bhel puri and sabo dhaana vadas. Above are some of the photos I took at Dilli Haat when I visited a week back. Hope you will enjoy the photos and never miss this place if you ever visit Delhi. Please give a feed back by comments if you like this post. I would love to hear from you all.


  1. wow nice blog, some really cool pictures here.

  2. Thanx Cheth for the comments :))

  3. Hi! Another good post! Reminds me of my friends, Gaurav and Aditya. I noticed in one of the pictures that the name of the places is Aangan Restaurant. There's a place with the same name here in Singapore. It was those two who brought me there and I really loved the food. I miss the food but I miss those two even more! I hope I'm still invited to Aditya's wedding so I can try to attend. :)