Nov 16, 2008


Today the main problem faced by youngster's is the hair problem.I'll share with you some of the tips I know to maintain a healthy hair and some remedies to stop hair fall and dandruff .
1.The first thing that is important for beautiful healthy hair is diet.Eat plenty of green vegetables,fruits,nuts,dairy products and if you are a non-vegetarian eat fish ,it really helps you to get a healthy long,shiny hair.Most important is do not skip any meal
2. Oil your hair at least twice in a week and massage your scalp in a rotatory motion to increase blood circulation.Apply a combination of oils for best results.Take 1/4 cup of olive oil,1/4 cup of coconut oil and to it add 4 TBS of Castor oil.Mix and store it in an air tight jar.Whenever required take the required amount and slightly warm the oil ,do not heat it directly use a double boiler,boil some water in a pan and take the oil in a small bowl and heat the oil by keeping the bowl in boiling water and then apply it in the scalp.
3. Make a paste of methi seeds 1 Tbsp,tuvar dal 1tsp,3 pepper corns,1tbsp urad dal soaked over night and apply it in the scalp and wash it after 1/2 hour.
4. If your hair is too dry then make a paste of fresh amla 3,hibiscus flower and leaves one handful and 1 tsp of methi seeds and apply in scalp leave for half an hour then wash your hair.Try this twice a week.
5. If you have an oily hair then apply egg white in the scalp and wash it after 1/2 hour.Always when you apply something to your hair don't leave it for too long as it becomes too dry resulting breakage of hair.
6. Always choose a good shampoo according to the texture of your hair or use home made powders to wash your hair.
7. Remember to use a good hair conditioner after every wash as it helps to close the cuticles of the hair.Never use conditioners on the scalp and always apply in the lengths of hair.
8. Do not comb wet hair as it tends to develop split ends,resulting hair fall.
9. Regularly trim your hair and remove split ends at least once in a month .
10. Avoid using hair colors as far as possible and do not perm or iron your hair as it results in permanent damage of hair.
11. If you have dandruff apply lemon juice or sour curd leave for an hour and then wash.Drink plenty of water to avoid dandruff it also flushes all impurities from your body.
12. If you have dandruff stop oiling your hair for sometime as it aggravates more dandruff.
13. Apply paste of onion on the scalp once in a month as it helps to prevent scalp infections.
14. If you have hair fall in a particular area then try the above mentioned onion therapy and hair starts growing again in that particular area in a week.
15. Apply the gel of aloe vera,remove the gel and make a paste in a mixer along with a tablespoon of methi soaked over night in the scalp and leave it for 1/2 hour and then wash the hair with a good anti dandruff shampoo.
16. Apply 1/2 cup of sour curd in the scalp and leave for1/2 hour and then rinse your hair,this will also helps to reduce dandruff.
17. If your hair is dull and lifeless mash the peel of a ripen banana apply as mask in your scalp,leave for 1/2 hour and then rinse with a mild shampoo.Now you can visibly see and feel the difference,very soft,silky and smooth.This is my own experience.
18. If you oil the hair just keep it for 1or 2 hours and then wash it.Never keep your hair oiled for the whole day as dust particles will stick on your hair and causes various scalp disorders like dandruff,infection and many more.
Hope these tips would be helpful and bye for now and tomorrow I'll come back with some other topic.I will keep updating this topic so watch out for more tips.
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  1. Very nice blog and intresting post on hair care.

  2. sudhersana18.11.08

    Thank you Priya, visit again.

  3. Simran5.6.10

    Hi! i was searching for some hairfall doctors in bangalore n came across ur site.Well my hairfall has increased tremendously, i tried batras a yr ago but in vain..I tried so many home remedies using methi on my hair but nothing stopped my hairfall.
    Also as u mentioned i tried banana pack since my hair is very dry bt that led 2 so many breakage of my hair..banana just did nt go from the hair while washing . Lots of it got stuck at the ends n middle and led to tangles. it only came out after my hair broke at that point. Do u know of nethg that really works..or some doctor..