Nov 10, 2008


The picture above are beautiful ,colourful beaded bracelets sold in the streets of Sarojini Market

Artificial plants and flowers are shown above from one of the shops and below one of the busiest streets of Sarojini Nagar Market.

My parents had come from the south and one sunday we decided to go to Sarojini Market, one of the busiest and popular markets of Delhi. I love this market and shopping in this market is lot of fun . One can find all kind of products in this market right from vegetables, groceries to textiles, crockeries, vessels, decorative items for houses and lot more. Bargaining is a must and bargainings are done in the shops in the streets and also in some other shops also. You can reduce the price to 1/2 to 1/4 by bargaining. One can find people from all the states of India in this market, but it is better to avoid going there on sundays because of the huge crowd. We went there on a sunday and parking the vehicle took about 1/2 hour and then entering the market and walking was the most difficult thing. It took about 40 minutes to reach the aggarwal handloom shop from the parking which normally takes 15 minutes from the parking lot. Sarojini market is opened on all week days except for mondays. To know more about this market visit Sarojini_Nagar These are blankets and colourful sweaters found in sarojini market. The blankets below are from the aggarwal handlooms and the sweaters above are found in the streets of sarojini market.

These crockeries and flower vases are found in one of the streets of sarojini market. These are made of bone china and found in attractive colours and designs. Very affordable price and can bargain in these shops.

These idols are found in the streets of sarojini market. You can find all hindu goddess idols in different shapes and sizes and show pieces and feng shui products are also available here. These are made of stones and then hand painted . The price range starts from Rs 50 and goes upto Rs 500. Definitely bargaining works here.

Sarojini market is very popular for bed spreads, quilts and bed covers. In the below pictures you can see beautiful bedspreads and covers from a popular shop Aggarwal handlooms. Here you can find beautiful embroided bedspreads and handloom bed spreads at a very reasonable price. My relatives are regular customers of this shop and whenever I go to my hometown my aunts and cousins ask me to buy bedspreads from this shop for them.

Below you can see some beautiful saris, stoles and shawls. They are pretty and also inexpensive. As winter is on the way the market is flooded with winter apparels.

The wooden bangles, earrings and the beaded chains will definitely compliment the look of teen and young college girls.

Below are the key chains of different shapes and colours, you can also see wooden alphabet key chains on the left corner

These shoes are elegant and cute, I bought a pair of white shoes price-Rs 175

These Rajasthani dresses for kids and the hangings you see at the bottom are also sold on the streets of the market. The mirror work in these dresses are adorable.

These beautiful watches are sold in the streets of sarojini market and the price ranges from 75-200 Rs

See these colourful hand bags, wallets and purses so cute and the price will definitely fit your pocket, price from 50-200 Rs, worth the price.

Look at these beautiful, adorable gowns and dresses for girls, the looks are similar to any other designer store, but the price is 1/4 of a designer cloth store. Two - three streets in this market is full of these kind of dresses and pants for teen girls and youths and you can see the rush of youths in these streets if you ever visit this place, unbelievable !

In these pictures you can see beautiful shawls and sweaters and stoles which are very colourful and attractive. The price of these sweaters and shawls are from 150- 250 Rs and again bargaining works.

One can see all kind of things in sarojini market, ranging from 10 Rs and the maximum sky is the limit. Here you can see attractive sandles and chapals and wollen sox for winter. Again bargaining is the mantra in this market , more you bargain more you gain. If the shopkeeper says 100 Rs ask for 50 and at the end he will settle for 60 to 70 Rs. It all depends on your talent in bargaining , am a pro in that :-D

I really liked these chapals simple and elegant and the cost is only Rs 150. You can find lot of stuffs like this in Sarojini Market. There is also a vegetable and fruit market in this place but now half of these vegetable market has been converted to shops. Beware of people selling handkerchives and stuffs on streets, once my father purchased a packet of handkerchives and also he opened the packet and showed us 2 of them but after coming home we found the top three were in the normal size and the rest were not handkerchives only small pieces of clothes , so if you buy anything from the people roaming in the streets of the market make sure to check each and every piece of the item you are going to purchase to avoid being cheated.


  1. Its like Pondy Bazaar of chennai or S.V road bazaar of santacruz mumbai. but these markets are very lively u get stuff for quite cheap though the goods r not branded but they r worth buying wat u say....

  2. Anonymous18.11.08

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    nice blog you have here!


  3. Yes Ky looks like pondy bazaar but much better quality of goods are available here, specially the bed spreads here are dead cheap and all my cousins and aunt ask me to buy them bedspreads from here for the whole year, and my cousins living in chennai and bangalore says that they could not find these kind of bed spreads in their places.

  4. Thank you very much for the comment anonymous.

  5. the presentation is beautifull..its indeed a paradise for todays youth ..rather than spending 3000 or more on a designer dress u can get much stylish stuff here..

  6. its indeed a paradise of youngsters..rather than spending huge bucks on designer stuff one can hav stylish goodies from this place..u have done a good research..thank u nd keep us informing about more

  7. woooow so beautifullll market