Nov 16, 2008


One can have a beautiful and healthy skin by taking out a very little time in a day. Let me share with you some of the tips I know to maintain a healthy skin. There are three different types of skin. The first is oily skin, second dry skin and the third is the combination of oily and dry skin. Oily skin is more prone to blackheads and acne's as it has open pores which attracts dirt and gets deposited in the skin. Dry skin looks very stretched and it easily gives an old look at a young age.

  • The first important thing for a healthy beautiful skin is the diet. Eat plenty f green vegetables and fresh fruits as it gives the skin the essential nutrients it need.
  • Go for a walk in the fresh air as it increases the blood circulation and gives your skin a healthy look.
  • Sleep 8 hours everyday as it gives your skin a fresher look.
  • Use a good soap free face wash to wash your face or you can use besan or home made powder, never use soap to clean your face as the powerful acid in the soap will take out the natural moisturizer from the skin.
  • Use a good sunscreen lotion or creme before going out in the sun as it protects the skin from powerful ultra violet rays. Apply the sunblock creme at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun otherwise there will be no effect.
  • If you have a fair complexion use a sunscreen with SPF 20-30 otherwise use one with SPF 15.
  • Use a good cleansing milk to clean the skin and a good toner to tone your skin before going to bed. The toner will help to close the open pores and makes your skin firm.
  • Apply rose water on your face after coming out from sun and this will freshen up your skin and prevents tanning.
  • Oily skin is prone to black heads and acne, regular cleansing and toning helps to prevent black heads. Use a good face scrub mixed with rose water and gently massage your face in a rotatory motion and then remove the scrub by tapping the face with wet towel. Try this once a week to avoid black heads
  • Do not steam your face at home as it opens the pores and aggravates more black heads.
  • If you are not sure about the hygiene and cleanliness of a beauty parlour then do not try to remove the black heads in that parlour as it may lead to infection.
  • Go to a professional to get the black heads removed or it is better not to take risk.
  • Apply papaya mask in the face to get a blemish free skin and this will suit for all skin types
  • Apply a paste of curd, turmeric and lemon to the face as curd gives essential moisture and turmeric acts as an anti bacterial and lemon helps to remove the dirt from inside the pores of skin.
  • Take 250 gms of fresh rose petals and keep it inside a glass jar or bottle and fill the jar with water and keep it aside for a day and the next day strain the water and keep it in a sprayer bottle and store it in the fridge and whenever you come back home or if your face is tired just spray the water in the face and pat the face with a soft tissue or towel and you can really see the difference.
  • If you want a good complexion, take 10 almonds and soak it in milk for an hour with a pinch of saffron and then paste it in a mixer and apply to the face twice a week and you can see the difference in a month.
  • If you want a healthy skin avoid having colas, junk foods and oily food.

These are some of the tips I came to know from my mother and grand mother and some tips from books. EAT HEALTHY , STAY HEALTHY is the mantra for healthy skin.

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