Jan 21, 2009


I bought these set of glitter bangles some time before so that I can mix n match and accessorize with my saris and salwars.

I really liked the colour combination of this sari which I bought recently and the print is so adorable.
Hi all first of all I'm so sorry for the delay on my new post. I had bandwidth problems with my template which made me crazy and somehow I managed to fix 3/4 of it and the remaining I have to do it today ; Thanks to Chethan who helped me install this template and now helped me to fix the template :)
Today I want to share some interesting stuffs I shopped this week. Any guesses ??? yea I can hear your guesses lol :)) What else other than some nice sarees and salwars which I'm pretty sure every woman will love. I'm really shopaholic and every 1or 2 months I go for shopping to buy some good outfits. I wear only salwars, churidhars and saris.
I'm always crazy of turquoise blue and that too with pink combination it is so very adorable I selected this one within 5 minutes that is a history on my shopping lol :))
Salwars and saris are the traditional clothes of India and my view is the most graceful as well glamorous outfit is sari. My husband always wanted me to wear sari but I find it uncomfortable to do all house hold works with sari so I wear salwars and churidhars at home and also for shopping etc. I wear saris on special occasions like Diwali, Pongal and for weddings and also when we visit friends. Our family is very conservative in the sense my grandmother does not even allow us to wear night dress when we go for holidays to her place lol :)) But we never listen to her me and my cousins used to wear night dress at night and go in front of my grandmother and ask her how is this nighty grandma and she gets so irritated and starts advising and shouting at us and we really enjoy that :P. Missing all those days with 3 cousin sisters and 6 cousin brothers having lot of fun during vacations at our grandmother's place which is a very small village with green fields everywhere. I will write a separate post about my childhood days with my cousins with some nice photographs. A very usual but never goes out of fashion combination red and green colour sari . This is kaadhi silk somewhat like jute my all time favourite.
Then again back to my shopping spree I have some photographs of saris and salwars which I bought recently. I prefer natural fabrics than the synthetic ones cause natural fabrics like cotton, jute etc are skin friendly and it is the best in India for the humid weather we have. So I normally wear only cottons at home and wear silks for weddings and parties. Wearing sari is really an art and you can see how to wear one here.
Black my another favourite colour I guess everyone loves this colour as it has got so many advantages like need not get confused about accessories almost every thing will go well with black and for healthy ladies like me :) this colour is really a boon as it makes one look slimmer. This one is a salwar kameez I bought this material and is hand painted by a friend of mine.
Blouses for saris can make one really glamorous and gorgeous even if the sari is very ordinary. Different patterns of blouses can be seen in this place .
This salwar is also one of my favourites which I bought recently it has a white center panel with chikan work which makes it extraordinary adorable. When I went for shopping this sari attracted me it was a Georgette sari with embroidery and zardoshi work all over the price is 25000 INThis is a churidhar I saw in a shop liked it but only size small was available. I really liked this polka necklace will go well with kanchipuram saris and zardoshi and sequins saris.


  1. Wow! I love wearing Sari, Sudha. I wore one at my friend's wedding. She married a Malaysian-Indian. I love sari but my problem is how to wear them because it looks so hard. I would choose sari over my ordinary clothes. LOL!

  2. Hi Aisha, Yes sari makes women more graceful as we well glamorous. I agree with u it is difficult to wear a sari but once u learn then it takes hardly 5 minutes to wear one. I use 4-5 safety pins to keep sari in its place LOL :)) you can learn how to wear sari in the above post.

  3. Anonymous23.1.09

    hi! i didnt know dr s a photographer in u,
    especilly dt sarojini market, dilli haat posts
    r really good , i felt lik walkg thru those shops, and ds also really cool for shopaholics!

  4. Hi Anonymous :) thank you for visiting my blog and for those wonderful words keep visiting more to come ;)

  5. wah gettin good comments from others....
    good, hey nice photo's u know which saree i would like amoung those, the 1 with green n grey color


  6. Hi !Ky, I know you like green colour but where is that sari with green and grey combination LOL:)) It is red and green combination saree look properly venki; there are grey prints on that sari :)

  7. nice post... nice snaps... keep going :)

  8. Thank you for those wonderful words chetz :)

  9. Alice30.3.09

    hey sudha...recently came across you're site while reading about sarees and jewellery online.I plan to attend an Indian wedding and ur site helped me a lot. I love the pics you clicked while shopping.Could you please tell which shops they are from? It would be a huge help.Thanks.

  10. Hi Alice,thanx for dropping by..It would b a pleassure telling you about the shops!! I live in Noida near new Delhi Alice.. The red georgette sari which costs around 25000 RS..I clicked it from a shop called "Meena Bazaar"..they have branches all over Noida and new Delhi..they also have an online shop but with very limited choices I think..The ready made churidhar set pink one I clicked from a shop called 'Zardoshi'..they also have branches in Noida as well New Delhi..The polka necklace is from 'BG's' and it is also available in 'feminine'..and they both have branches all over Delhi..The rest I bought from coimbatore in South India from a shop called PSR..If you want any other info feel free to contact me at sudhersana@yahoo.com Alice..have a nice day! :)

  11. Alice31.3.09

    Hey Sudha, Thanks so much for your help.Your site is so lovely and is a reflection of your love for you culture. Keep up the good work...