Jan 29, 2009


A very classy looking blouse so unique and trendy but if I wear one like this my mom will definitely throw me out; but I would definitely like to give it a try secretly lol:)

A very classy halter neck blouse in lace net material . Never goes out of fashion and definitely makes you unique even in a stylish cocktail party.

The design and cut on the back of the blouse with gathering border gives a stylish look

Hi, On my previous post I had shared with you about some of the outfits I purchased recently. Now I'm wondering about the pattern of blouse I have to stitch for these saris. Unlike salwars and other ready made outfits saris could not be worn the day they are purchased. I have to buy petticoats to match the sari. I have to then search for some patterns of blouses to be stitched. Thank God now a days the blouses come attached with the sari itself unlike 10-15 years before one has to take the sari and go from shop to shop to match the material for the blouse which will go along with the colour of the sari. The worst thing is if the sari is double shaded then for sure one cannot get the perfect colour of blouse material.

Here comes my kind of blouse. I normally wear only this pattern of blouse. So this time I'm going to try something different. But even then I could not wear those different patterns for family occasions otherwise everyone will look at me like an alien. I have told you my family is very conservative lol :))

I have gone with my aunts from shop to shop to buy blouse materials for their sari and they used to confuse me and also confuse themselves by keeping two almost similar coloured blouse materials and asking me this or that. If I say this one is matching with the colour of the sari; they will say no "I think the other one is perfect" like that after lot of "discussions" LOL :)) they will select the "perfect" colour which matches the sari. Finally after getting the blouse stitched and they will wear the sari to attend some wedding or party. When the photos of the wedding or party come then only we realize that with the flash of the camera and all the blouse and sari colours look so odd as if they had worn a completely different coloured blouse. Hoof thank God for the person who found the concept of "attached blouse" .

This pattern of blouse was very popular about 10 years back and now it is back in fashion again. This I can also wear for family occasions because it is fully covered even the sleeve is long so no one will tell anything lol :)) this kind of sleeve is called 3/4Th's before but now don't know how it is called .

As far as the pattern of blouse I always used to go with the normal U neck and V neck with short sleeves. Short sleeves or mega sleeves only suit persons who have slim arms. The funny thing is although I'm a healthy lady my arms remain slim and in shape LOL :)) I don't know how. Anyone out there have a different structure like me share with me and I will keep it as a secret LOL :)) When I was browsing the net I came across some interesting patterns of blouse. I had put the pictures between the posts so have a look and give your opinions about the patterns and if you have some suggestions about any new patterns also please let me know so that I can try it out. That sounds a great idea to have some "free" patterns of blouses from you guys without spending a bug hmmn. Have I become over smart ......... no not really I'm always that "Innocent" down to earth sweet little sudha :)

I adore this pattern of blouse; sleeveless and the zari border gives it a stylish look.


  1. I love the cream dress with the floral embroidery. It is gorgeous. It also looks very expensive...! thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.


  2. wow they are lovely, I love your blog too. The dress very nice.

  3. I wonder how expensive these saris are. Beautiful!

  4. @Aisha,@Duni, Yes these saris are pretty expensive. I searched for the price on online shops and these saris would cost anywwhere between 500-600 US$. That is too expensive for my budget lol :)
    @TH, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep visiting ;)

  5. saranya16.4.10

    Sarees r good. I like the blouses. very nice.