Apr 13, 2009

MEME !!!

Hello my friends, hope all had a great Easter and my belated Easter wishes to all who visits my blog! :). One of my dearest friend here in blogosphere Forgetful Princess tagged me with MEME. Thank you so much Princess for tagging me .. its really so much fun doing this meme :)

You can check out "what is MEME" in Ok now let me start with the MEME's
1. Where is your cell phone - On my bed

2. Your father - Is doing business

3. Your Favourite thing - my laptop

4.Your dream last night - Din't have any dreams

5. Your favourite drink - Milk shakes and fresh fruit juices

6. Your dream/goal - My son should do well in life

7. The room you are in - My bedroom

8. Your fear - Rats (I'm scared to death if I see one..I'm scared of them than anything else. If it enteres home you can always see me at the top of dining table till my hubby gets rid of that :))

9. Where do you want to be in next six years - I want to be in the planet earth only :P

10. Muffin - hmmn dont like that much :P

11. One of your wish list item- want a new digicam

12. Where you grew up- Nagercoil-TamilNadu-India. It is near Kanyakumari the southern most tip of India. I love my hometown filled with greens :)

13. The last thing you did- Had my dinner

14. What are you wearing- Churidhar (my favourite orange and cream coloured cotton churidhar)

15. Your TV - LG

16. Your pets - dont have any pets.

17. Your computer - Sony Vaio Laptop

18. Your Life - contented cant ask for anymore :)

19. Your mood - stable

20. Missing someone - Yes

21. Your car - Wagon R (Maruti)

22. Favourite store- Sharad at Noida

23. Your summer- always my home town Nagercoil ( Beach, waterfalls everything is so close almost everyday we go to the beach with my son Arjun and my Nephew Rishi )

24. Your favourite colour - Turquoise Blue and also black and orange, purple...very long list :P

25. When is the last time you laughed - I cannot say coz I always look at everything in a humorous way so in a day most of the time I laugh :))

26. Last time you cried - Yesterday

27. Person who emails me - My cousin brother Kumar anna who is settled in Canada.

28. Favourite food - curd rice, potato fry, pickle (yummy)

29. Place I would rather be right now - Nagercoil ( my home town )

30. Person I think will respond - God

I would love to pass this MEME to all my friends who visits my blog and it's so much fun doing this MEME. So feel free to grab this MEME and enjoy doing it :)


  1. Hi Sudha. Thanks for Posting the tag. Its nice to know you better :-) hugs

  2. Hi Sudha,
    very interesting to read about you today. I see you miss your hometown very much. I also miss the place I grew up.
    I'm sorry to read you had to cry yesterday... Hope you feel better today!

    Sending you my warmest wishes,


  3. Hmmm Great blog you have. The design is good. Keep up your work. You really rock on twitter.



  4. Hi Duni, yup I miss my home town so much.. but the good news is I'm leaving for my hometown this summer vacation for 3 weeks :)
    Hi Harish, TY so much for dropping by..glad you liked the blog and design..the whole makeover of this blog was made by cheth of cheth studios so all the credits go to cheth only!!
    Hi Tammy, Yup I posted the tag and it's really fun to make this MEME I enjoyed doing it :)