Apr 22, 2009


This is the world's first kanchipuram sari with 50,000 colours on it!!! This sari is made by RMKV and Sons a renowned shop for kanchipuram saris located in Tirunelveli and at Chennai!!
Another beautiful kanchipuram sari in dark green colour!!!
This is a Kanchipuram skirt and blouse for your little angel.. I'm sure if you have a girl child she will look like an angel in this outfit..unfortunately I dont have a girl baby :(

This is a readymade sari for your little angel. This is a pure kanchipuram silk sari customized as a ready to wear outfit for small kids. I'm sure your little one's will be excited to wear this kutti pattu.. means saree for kid :)

The sari above is called the muppagam pattu the latest trend in Kanchipuram saris. You can see the border of the sari and the body in almost the same width. This sari is from Mahaveers a popular shop in Coimbatore!!

I simply adore this sari for its beautiful combination of colour, Orange and purple I'm still hunting for this combination but could not get the exact combination. This is simply adorable!!! another sari from RMKV silks.

A perfect example of a traditional kanchipuram sari with a traditional look..yet elegant and stylish. I would love to accesorize like the lady in the picture above if I wear a Kanchipuram sari.. The pallu of this sari is really gorgeous with a lady standng in a red sari all hand woven and this sari is a very expensive one..I guess it costs more than 50,000 INR

I simply love the pattern of blouse this gorgeous lady wearing with this sari!! A deep U cut at the back of the blouse makes it more elegant!! Normally I wear this style of blouse with kanchipuram sari.

I can see most of the visitors who visits my blog are interested in kanchipuram saris. This made me write another post about kanchipuram saris. No wonder women are attracted by kanchipuram saris as it adds grace and elegance to the woman who wears kanchipuram saris. I make it a point to buy at least 4 saris every year, one for dipawali, one for pongal a festival for Tamils, one for varalakshmi vridham a fasting usually made by all the married women for the long life of their husbands. The fourth one just like that say for our wedding anniversary or my birth day I used to buy. I live in Noida a place in the northern part of India where one can hardly find any shop for kancipuram saris. Delhi is only 2-3 kms far from Noida here I am saying the border of Delhi from Noida and in Delhi there is Nalli silks a popular shop for kanchipuram saris. Nalli has 3 branches I guess in Delhi. The main one is in the south extension market, the second one in cannaught place and I am not that sure where the third one is. But I used to make all my purchases at Chennai or at Tirunelveli when I go there for summer vacations. Rmkv and Pothys are very popular in Tirunelveli, in fact they opened their first showrooms at Tirunelveli only. Rmkv is like our family shop because for generations we purchase kanchipuram saris from this shop for all the special occasions in our family. My grand mother and all my aunts are very superstitious and they believe that everything will be perfect and nothing wrong will happen if they make their purchases from Rmkv. But I am not that superstitious all though I like Rmkv when I visit Chennai I go to other shops also. If you ask me all the shops are good to buy kanchipuram saris. Some of my favourite shops among them are sundari silks, palam silks, tulsi silks. In sundari silks one can get plain kanchipuram saris without any zari or designs in very attractive colour combinations. One can buy these saris and customize them according to their taste. One can customize it with zardoshi work, kundan work, sequins work and also with some simple yet elegant embroidery work. I heard lot of ladies in Chennai are doing these work from the home itself as a part time job and some of them have taken it seriously and doing it very professionally also. My sister in law who stays in chennai said that in Sundari silks itself they are doing these works on our request but Iam not very sure of that. Today the latest trend in kanchipuram saris are with a broad border in both sides. It is called muppaham pattu in Tamil. Muppaham means three parts in equal size. These saris look very nice but I feel it suits only for women who are tall and slim. For healthy women like me :) I think it makes us look more healthy :)) and also short. It is not wrong in following the latest trend but I feel that it should also suit the personality of the individual. If you have a girl child then please do not miss the kanchipuram pattu paavadai (silk skirt) . In this skirt your child will definitely look like an angel that I can guarantee you. If you have teenage daughter then make them wear the kanchipuram silk skirt and half sari (Dhaavani) with their hair plaited or if they have very short hair one can try french plaits and with some simple accessories they will look gorgeous for sure. I don't have a girl child so no way I can try these things but whenever I see these silk skirts and outfits for girls I really feel very sad because I don't have a girl child. Above are some photos of kanchipuram saris which I like and for online shops to buy kanchipuram saris visit the online shops at the top of the blog.


  1. wow my fav dark green... thankx for postin that first... actually now in kanchi u can very well design ur own saree... some shops in kanchi hav that option where in u can say wat type of design u need to the designer he will design it out in comp n will send it to the saree maker then it will take some weeks time then ur saree is ready...


  2. Those saris are stunning! I love the colour, the pattern, everything! I would probably be overwhelmed by all that fabric - I'm small and thin :) maybe a children's sari would fit me!

  3. Just beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  4. I always think saris make ladies more beautiful!

    I think you are very beautiful with it sudha !

  5. Hi !ky I know u like green colour so only I selected that :) btw thanx for the info!!
    Hi Duni, Thank you so much for dropping by..I guess you can make some lovely purses with these fabrics! It would look stunning! :))
    Hi Sabine, TY so much for dropping by..glad you liked it! you too have a wonderful weekend my friend! :)
    Hi iwalk, yup! you are so right iwalk..my hubby always like to see me in saree..yes iwalk all say I look nice in sari..but mostly I wear churidhar or salwars coz they are more comfortable for day to day wear

  6. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved saris. The colors and the flow of them. Women always look beautiful in saris! In my old neighborhood in Jackson Heights there were a ton of sari store, and they all sold beautiful fabrics as well.

  7. Hello ~ DOnt get me weong.. I'm NOT al all intrested in sarees.. I just loke that kid the third pic.. she used to act in TV soaps so just wanted to drop a comment ;)

  8. Hi Diva,you'll look gorgeous in a sari!!.. I just imagined u in a saree.. if possible I would love to see a picture of yours with sari!
    Hi cheth, dont bluff yaar.. I know u came to see all those pretty ladies only.. hope u had a nice look at those gorgeous ladies.. even they act in movies ;) :p

  9. very funny! :D I just know 2 ppl one is that female in green she is in telugu movies.. and next is that kid... but i am commmenting just for the kid :)

  10. I was just kidding.. I know u are commenting for that kid only.. coz I know u well.. :)

  11. Hello Sudha!
    me again, just saying hello, and to let you know I have an award for you!! Please visit my blog for details.

    Hope you are well my friend...


  12. Hi Sudha :)
    I'am a friend from Duni :)
    You are very talented, you are a great artist:)
    You have a beautiful blog ^___^
    Many greetings Anya

  13. Thank you so much for considering me for the award again Duni! I'm honoured!!
    Hi Anya, lol I'm not that talented as you think:))Glad you liked my blog! :)

  14. I like the sarees which have some good design.The red saree is awesome which has good design with gold color on it and has grand work..Its looking different and tempting.I like all Designer Sarees