May 13, 2009


Yay!!! My son's holidays have started and its time for me to go to my mom's place Nagercoil on vacation! Excited!!!! I've been waiting for this day since one year. Every year I go to my mom's place in the month of may stay there for a month with my son and have loads of fun!!! :)This picture was taken at my mom's house! My son in his bicycye! was taken long back!
My son and my hubby at Kanyakumari!

When I think of my home town Nagercoil my memorie
s (ofcourse sweet) go back when I was a kid! having silly fights with my bro, having fun with my cousins, my grandma's place which is a small village and also a bird sanctuary! and lot more.
Me with my cousins! This picture was taken at my home in Nagercoil!
Me my brother and my cousin with my grandmother! :)

This picture was taken in a dam near Nagercoil! my son Arjun when he was around 4-5 year old! :)
Nagercoil is a small town situated in the southern most tip of India filled with greens! Know more about my home town Nagercoil
here . There are many interesting places around nagercoil, Kanyakumari is one among them and it is only 20 mins drive from Nagercoil. Kanyakumari is a very popular tourist spot and every year lot of foreigners visit this place to see this beautiful coastal area! You can know more about Kanyakumari Here
A waterfall called Thirparappu near Nagercoil! Arjun is having a gr8 time there! :)
My nephew Rishi Nivethan in my mom's lap! I'm gonna see him after an year! he is a carbon copy of my bro suresh! excited to see him!!!

The most excited is my son, he has planned loads of fun stuffs to be done at my mom's place! We will be meeting all my cousins, aunts and time will fly away and I always feel that why time goes very fast when I'm at my mom's place and no wonder time flies as everyday is filled with fun and excitement and surprises!!! This time I've planned to write some awesome posts about my experience there and about the places around my hometown! I will be updating my blog from my hometown! Really excited coz I will have loads of stuffs to write in my blog!
Arjun! :)
So friends catch you all there from my hometown and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


  1. Awww...enjoy your vacation, Sudha! I hope that you and your family have a really good time!
    See you back on the blogs when you return! :)

  2. You make me homesick, Sudha!

    All your memory about hometown are so sweet and meaningful, Oh, I miss my hometown, my granny, my uncles so much!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Lol :D looking at the 4th snap and giggling :D

  4. Oh aren't you lucky! I could do with a vacation now too!
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful family photos. So sweet!
    Enjoy your vacation and looking forward to hearing all about it!


  5. Have a nice vacation,
    I need also a little SUN :)

  6. iwalk, Diva, Duni, Anya Thank you so much! I will meet you all from my hometown! :)
    Cheth,LOL :P

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  8. Hello Sudha,
    just stopping by to say hello! Hope you and your family are well!

  9. Still enjoy your vacation? I envy you!

    Haha,You have been tagged with an interesting personality test. :)

    Never mind you love meme or not, Just have fun with it! :)

    Here is the url:

  10. hi first time vist . nice blog. iam also from nagercoil. i lived in krishnancoil. near the vadesary. but now i moved to chennai. :)