May 3, 2009


Wow I’m tagged by Duni of lovely purses two times!!! I’m really honoured!!! Duni tagged me with ‘I’m a Certified Queen Of Blogs’ Award on 10th of April 2009 and again she tagged me with ‘International Blogging Community’ award on 1st may of 2009.

Here I have to mention a few things about my sweet friend Duni. She is a very talented lady who makes wonderful Lovely purses. I’m always amazed by Duni’s talents and her art of making lovely purses! Duni is a friend, motivator, tutor, translator, animal lover, creative spirit, humanist and above all a very kind hearted and a good friend of mine in this blogosphere! Be sure to visit Duni’s Lovely purses and feast your eyes with her wonderful creation of lovely purses! You can see her beautiful button in the left hand side of my blog!

Now here comes the first award 'I'm a Certified Queen Of Blogs!'

Now comes the second award 'The International Bloggers Community'

There are some rules and Q/A attached to this award. To everyone receiving this award please link up with:

BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE LINK)at and leave the URL of your post in order for you/your blog to be added to the Master List.

And answer a few questions :

1. The person who tagged you - Duni

2. His/her’s sites title and url-

3. Date when you were tagged – May 1st 2009

4. Bloggers you tagged :

Milana -dEwDrOpS

Ranjani - The Voices Within

Shailee- Shailee Lathe


  1. Dear Sudha,
    I'm blushing as I read this post!
    You are too kind ♥

    take care,


  2. GRATULATIONS with your awards :))))
    Have a lot fun with it ^___^

  3. yayyyy!!! Congratz on the award Sudha !! you deserve it.
    and thank you for tagging me with it,you are too kind
    (^^,) ♥♫.•*¨•*¨)☼¸♥

  4. Hi Duni, You deserve it!! I *heart* your blog!
    Thank you so much Anya! :))
    Hi Milana, you deserve the award!! you are so chweet!love ya! :)

  5. Hi sudha, i saw your post thru the google search. i've already included your name in the masterlist here thanks for joining!

  6. I just came from Lovely Purses, and browsing around your site. Thought I'd say "congrats" too! :)

    I'm new here but looks like I'll be stickin' around. :)


  7. Aww! Thanks a bunch for tagging me! I am gonna do this right away! :)