May 31, 2013

Rangoli Collections: Some of our "HIT COLLECTIONS" which are in "HIGH D...

Rangoli Collections: Some of our "HIT COLLECTIONS" which are in "HIGH D...: To see these collections visit HIT COLLECTIONS

Nov 15, 2009

My Home Town Nagercoil!

I love my hometown Nagercoil which is situated in the southern most tip of India. Nagercoil is a beautiful town surrounded by greens and beaches and lot of tea and rubber estates. It is also in the border of kerala and once upon a time belonged to the state of Kerala and now it is owned by the state of TamilNadu. Lot of keralites live there and so the language spoken there would be a mixture of malayalam and tamil which is very sweet to hear.
Some pictures taken from Sanguthorai beach.

This picture was taken at Sanguthurai beach. Sangu is shell and because of this statue it is called sanguthurai beach.

Sanguthorai Beach is surrounded by coconut tree farms and cane trees and it is a feast for eyes to view the beach from the coconut tree farms.

Beautiful view of Sanguthorai beach.

A beautiful scene of backwaters of Sanguthurai beach.

Infact there are lot of places to see around Nagercoil. Like Kanyakumari which is 30 mins drive from Nagercoil, Tiuparappu a waterfall near Nagercoil and thottipalam a bridge built over a river which is really amazing to see and it is really a feast to eyes to see from that bridge the greens and the river below and the bridge is very narrow and feels like swinging in the air. There are many more beaches around like muttam, sanguthurai and sotthavilai.

Below are some of the pictures taken from Kanyakumari! To know more about kanyakumari visit here.

You can see the famous Thiruvalluvar statue and vivekananda rock of Kanyakumari in this picture!

Beautiful waves at kanyakumari beach where we used to sit for hours!

You can see the church of kanyakumari and the rocks are put here to prevent soil erosion!

Below are some pictures taken from Kalikesam to know more about Kalikesam visit here.

water from the falls of Kalikesam. Could not take the picture of waterfall as one has to climb the narrow hill to about 5 kms.

Rubber tree on the way to kaalikesam as the way to kaalikesam from Nagercoil is full of rubber plantations.

Milk from rubber plant collected in a vessel.

On the way to Kalikesam filled with greens a feast to eyes.

Rubber plantations on the way to Kalikesam.

I have lot of sweet memories about my home town and my house where I spent my childhood days. Where me and my bro used to fight and sometimes also laugh together and it would be a fun when my cousin brothers and sisters come over to my place on vacations and everyday go to some beach or waterfalls and spend the whole day there :)
Some pictures of my home sweet home at Nagercoil! :)

Jack fruit tree at our home. I love jack fruits. Yummy :)

Dad standing at the garden of our home :)

Mom doing pooja in pooja room at our home. :)

Our sweet puppy Scooby :)

Nagercoil and Kanyakumari is a must see for everyone and I swear everyone will love the place and not forget the place in their lifetime. To know more about nagercoil visit here